Adult Ministries

A lot of the time, more emphasis is placed on children than on the adults in the church. While this is not a bad thing, no gender or age group is immune to trials. The adults need the opportunity to grow within the role that God has placed them, while receiving encouragement and being uplifted. It is our hope that the adults can make lasting connections with one another through the various ministry opportunities provided at WEBC so that we can help each other through the difficulties of each stage of life.

In our Sunday school classes, we strive to create the atmosphere to be open and honest with our questions, our daily struggles, as well as our triumphs and victories. Real people sharing life and forming lifelong friendships in the process. Biblical principles are taught through curriculum series that correspond with the worship service. Sunday school begins at 9:50 am.

The Men’s ministry’s goal is to encourage men to take their roles seriously as a godly man, husband, and/or father. We come alongside each other to carry each other’s burdens and celebrate each others joys. Men’s activities include some of the following:

  • Monthly prayer breakfast,
  • Church-wide work days, and
  • Softball team.
    The softball team has an incredible impact on the church as a whole. Not only does it allow the men to display good sportsmanship and unity through the love of Jesus Christ, but it also brings the church family together in Christian fellowship as we all cheer for the men on the team.

The Women’s Ministry desires to come alongside the women, wives, and mothers of the church to lift each other up and be a support system for one another. We believe mentoring is key to becoming committed followers of Christ. Women’s activities include some of the following:

  • Monthly prayer meetings,
  • Small group book studies,
  • Fellowship outings, and
  • Special holiday gatherings.

No matter your age or stage in life, all women are encouraged to participate.

We believe that no matter your age, there is always more to learn. The Senior Adult Ministry seeks to create fellowship opportunities while developing relationships that encourage growth and support. Our senior adults enjoy special outings, meals, and activities geared toward their life stage.