Benevolence Fund/Food Bank

In the book of Acts, the church is commanded to take care of one another’s needs by sharing posessions, money, and food. At WEBC, one way we do that is through the Benevolence and Food Pantry Ministires.

Both the Benevolence Fund and Food Pantry reach others with the love and provision of Christ.
Our church family is encouraged to give monetarily to the Benevolence Fund on a regular basis. This fund is used when any of our current members may be struggling to meet their financial responsibilities and are in danger of losing their housing and/or other means to care for themselves and their family.
Our Food Bank is open to anyone in need. Food is donated by our members or purchased with funds donated to the Benevolence Fund and distributed to anyone who has a need. While we know we can’t stop hunger altogether, we want to do our part in our community to make sure no one goes without.