No Fear In Death

April 15, 2018
As believers we have hope of an eternal life with God. Because of that hope, we don't have to be afraid of death.

The Hope Of Heaven

April 8, 2018
We are reminded this week that this earth is not our home; we have a future waiting for us in heaven. This is our hope.

An Easter Miracle

April 1, 2018
This Easter we take a look at the resurrection of, not Jesus, but Lazarus and how it relates to our personal lives and the life of WEBC.

I Need To Borrow Bread

March 25, 2018
Pastor Shane shows us the importance of praying bold prayers through one of Jesus' parables.

A Toe In The Water

March 18, 2018
It is time for us at WEBC to get out of the boat and get out feet wet.


March 11, 2018
Through the familiar stories of David and Goliath and Elijah defeating the prophets of Baal, the pastor shows us that sometimes the enemy gets us out of focus. When this…

Get Ready

March 4, 2018
Pastor Shane encourages us to "Get Ready" so that we may be prepared for everything that God is doing through reaching people with salvation.

Held Responsible

February 25, 2018
Pastor Shane retouches on a sermon from a few weeks ago and gives us a follow up message about being held responsible for our actions.

Getting Up To Bat

February 18, 2018
Guest speaker Ron Larson relates the game of baseball to the game of life. And he challenges us to play the game, not just be the fan.