What to Expect

What is the dress code?

At WEBC, we have no dress code. On any given Sunday, you will see anything from suit and tie to jeans and t-shirts. We do not believe that what a person wears is a reflection of their heart for Jesus. It is our desire for everyone, no matter how they dress, to feel comfortable and accepted.

What kind of music will I hear?

The music you will hear at WEBC is a blended style of traditional hymns and contemporary Christian music. Because our congregation is so diverse, we want to appeal to everyone’s style of worship.

What is provided for my children?

Nursery is provided for infants and toddlers, as well as Sunday school and extended programs for preschoolers and children through fifth grade. There is a Sunday school class for middle and high school age students. After Sunday school, we encourage our older students to either participate in the worship service for further Biblical insights or serve in the extended preschool or children’s programs.
What is the layout of the church campus?

Our church campus is comprised of 3 buildings. The main building contains the sanctuary, preschool and nursery classes, and kitchen. The building directly in front of the main building houses the children’s classes, children’s extended program, an adult Sunday school class, and the church office. The building opposite these two buildings contains both the youth classes and adult Sunday school classes. Please don’t hesitate to ask a greeter to direct you to where you need to go. They are more than happy to help you or find someone who can.

How do I become a member?

Anyone interested in membership will meet with the pastor to discuss their desire to join our church family. You must believe in Jesus Christ and be baptized as a believer. If you have not been baptized, please let the pastor know so he can discuss your options with you. You will also be encouraged to attend a New Member’s Meeting where you will learn the foundations of our church and what we believe, as well as meet and connect with other people interested in joining in the work of WEBC. The opportunity will be given at this meeting to ask any questions you may have. Once all requirements have been met, you will be presented before the church family and have your membership affirmed by way of a brief vote.